Is Couchtuner Safe For Watching TV Shows And Movies

There are many platforms, where you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies for free. CouchTuner is one of these platforms that specializes in providing free content to their users without requiring any type of registration. However, There are many things that people do not know about CouchTuner. In this article, I’ll try to write down everything related to CouchTuner and will also review this website.


What Is CouchTuner ?

CouchTuner is a website that offers movies and TV shows streaming for free. The website is doing the same since 2010. In the starting, The website had .com domain name, when it was started. But following regular blocks from countries made it to expand to dozens of different domain extensions which were country specific. The website has a great collection of popular TV shows and movies, and this is the reason it has become that popular.
However, if you are new to the website and a friend of you recommended it and considering using it, It would be a good idea to read this CouchTuner review.

What is Couchtuner 2.0?

CouchTuner is a pirate website that specializes in providing pirated media content for streaming to their users without any cost. Although, The site’s prime focus is to provide media content for streaming to its users without any registration but it lacks behind in many terms. It is always gets blocked by authorities and that is why it had to change its name several times in the past. CouchTuner 2.0 is nothing but just an alternative or another name CouchTuner. People of mistake it for something advance but that is not true.

Organization of the content

One of the bad thing about CouchTuner is the organization of the content. The content is not organized nicely at the website. In fact, None of the content on the website is organized by seasons or by episodes. Thus, Navigation becomes hard for a new user who has just started using CouchTuner website. Sometimes, The content is on the website but chances are you might not be able to find it. Finding the right content at the CouchTuner website definitely gonna take time. Also, They do not have an Autoplay feature, which means even if you find a episode of a show then you will need to search for second episode the same way. Which usually results in a lot of time wastage.

Is CouchTuner Legal?

This question might be popping in your mind since the start of the article. Let me tell you that the answer is “NO”. NO, CouchTuner is not a legal site, it is a pirate site, and all the content at CouchTuner website is not their property. They are hosting all TV shows/Movies illegally. If you think that how is this going to be a problem for you then keep reading?

Not only providing providing illegal media content is illegal but accessing it is also illegal in most of the countries. In USA you might end up crippling you bandwidth by your ISP, if they catch you streaming pirated media content. Similar things can happen in Europe or other countries of the world. In short, You will need a VPN to save yourself from this. But there is still a risk involved while streaming pirated content. Why should you risk your security for saving some money?

Is CouchTuner Safe to use?

CouchTuner is one of the oldest website that specializes in providing free media content to its users. They have a long history and the reason for their success is that they have been reliable for most of the time. In the past, We have seen some instances where the website had viruses and malware which were being distibuted through the ads. but, Even after that they kept providing the free content.

Our Take Of CouchTuner

When you are using CouchTuner, you will be risking your security. Also, It is illegal to access content from such pirated media streaming sites. We advice you to not use such sites for the sake of your privacy and security. However, If you still want to try this then I would like to recommend you a VPN. You must use a good VPN when you visit such website. Also, Keep a good Antivirus/Firewall in your system. You might end up clicking on the ad, which will further result in the installation of the malware.

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